Sustainable Coca-Cola disposable drinking cup proposition

A research study for the situation in Amsterdam ArenA stadium
Project : Sustainable Coca-Cola disposable drinking cup proposition
For : Coca-Cola Enterprises Nederland B.V.
With : Van Gansewinkel
Role : Senior Design Consultant
At : Reggs 
Drinking cups bundled for processing.
Detail of picture from Maarten Smook, Van Gansewinkel. These used drinking cups are pressed and bundled, ready for further processing.


Research the opportunities to make better use of disposed Coca-Cola drinking cups in closed environments like Amsterdam ArenA stadium. Include alternative materials, waste management and recycling in the studies.

Sustainable solutions for Coca-Cola drinking cup


Together with Van Gansewinkel, the company that is in a transition from being a waste management company towards being a material supplier, we analyzed the situation of using disposable drinking cups in Amsterdam ArenA stadium. As Van Gansewinkel already had done a thorough research on all waste streams in the stadium we could focus on the specific stream of the drinking cups based on hard research data.

We sketched out routes for improving the cup itself for recycling purposes (as the waste stream can be separated in a stadium), ways to retrieve energy from the used cups and even the option to use bio-fermentation to turn drinking cups of a bio-based material into bio-fuels like Butanol. Three realistic scenarios were laid out in the final presentation.

Map of material streams of Coca-Cola drinking cups in Amsterdam ArenA
One of the pages of the final presentation, showing the material streams of Coca-Cola’s drinking cups in the Amsterdam ArenA stadium.

Materials used

Several Coca-Cola cups, post-its, paper.

Further development

Coca-Cola Enterprises and Amsterdam ArenA are working with other partners to find solutions that satisfy their ambitious sustainable goals.

Skills: design consultancy, innovation coaching