Design the Future Workshop

Sustainable and social innovations for the future.
Project : Design the Future
ForBetter Future
Role : Design Coach
At : Design for Good


Motivate the workshop participants to actually make a change and make a positive contribution to the world’s sustainability issues in the next 8 years.Jop Timmers in action at Better Future


With a group of about 25 inspired visitor’s to Better Future’s yearly event we designed the future. We created front page news for ‘the Better Times’ of 2015 and 2019. The participants experienced how ambitious, long term goals can become well within reach when using a good process and setting smart milestones. Within one hour the teams passionately presented their plans for a better, healthier, more sustainable and more social future. If you want to experience a Design the Future workshop with colleagues or partners contact Jop here.

Materials used

Old magazines and newspapers, paper

Design The Future workshop, 2015 newspaper frontpage
2015 news according to the participants of Design the Future
2019 frontpage with groundbreaking sustainable and social innovations
2019 frontpage, all was made by the participants of Design the Future within an hour.
Jop Timmers facilitating the Design the Future workshop for an enthusiastic audience
Because of the ‘pressure cooker’ settings, participants were highly involved and motivated.

Skills: innovation coaching