Nano30 High Efficiency Boiler

A recognizable housing for the world’s smallest HE boiler.
Project : Nano30 High Efficiency Boiler
For : The Magic Boiler Company
Role : Sr Design Consultant
At : Reggs


Create an identifiable housing for the world’s most compact HE boiler with a design that would look good even in a living room.

The product identity described in a mapping model and a style guide
Before starting the design we defined the aspired product identity and look and feel in a mapping model and a style guide.


In a concurrent engineering and design project production specialists were optimizing the components  as we were creating the housing and interface of the product at the same time at Reggs. It is the most compact HE boiler in the world, so the looks are made to emphasize that. The housing facilitates easy installing and maintenance, whilst making use of standard production techniques only and as little materials as possible. The easy interface allows the user to adjust the High Efficiency boiler at wish, further reducing unnecessary energy consumption during use.

Nano30 HE Boiler stand alone view and interface
A stand-alone view of the product. The interface only becomes visible when the remote is pressed.
Nano30 HE Boiler mounted in design kitchen
The design of the product was made to fit any modern kitchen or living room.

Materials used

Aluminium, plastics.

Further development

With the interdisciplinary design team at Reggs we also made the design of the stand at the fair where the product was introduced. The stand was designed to match both the corporate identity of the Magic Boiler company and the identifiable design features of the Nano30.

The Magic Boiler stand for the trade fair.
The team also designed the Magic Boiler stand for the trade fair in line with the product’s identifiable design features.

Skills: design consultancy