Clean and Go, cleaning paint brushes eco-friendly

The eco-friendly alternative for cleaning and storing paint brushes.
Project : Developing a sytem to clean and store paint brushes.
For : Hildering Innovations‘ brand Go!Paint
Role : Innovation Manager, Industrial Designer
Flexing the brush firmly over the grid of the sieve deeply cleans the bristle.
Flexing the brush firmly over the grid of the sieve deeply cleans the bristle within 20 seconds.


To offer the professional painter a system that allows him to deeply clean all types of paint brushes in seconds, and to store the paint brushes in the same system and to keep the paint brushes fresh for days or longer.

Seperate products of the Clean and Go SystemSystem

The system consists of a metal kettle (1), a filter bag (2) a connecting ring (3) a plastic inliner (4) that is used as  a lid, a coated metal wire sieve (5) and two brush clips (6).

How does it work?

Once the filter bag, with the sieve installed inside, is placed in the metal kettle, the ring is connected and the system is filled with about one liter of water or  white spirit. Any paint brush is easily cleaned by firmly flexing it over the sieve for only 20 seconds. Any paint residu falls through the grid of the sieve onto the bottom of the filter bag. After cleaning the brushes, the painter can just let them rest on the grid. The bristle will stay in perfect condition because the grid keeps the hairs from bending outwards. The ring has a special rounded edge for wiping off any excess fluids without damaging the bristle. Once all brushes are clean, the painter simply closes the system by placing a plastic inliner on top of the connecting ring. The brushes can be stored for days, weeks or even longer depending on the materials used to paint and clean with. When the space underneath the grid is filled with paint residu, simply remove the ring, lift the filter bag, pull the cord to close it. Let the contents dry and remove responsibly through local waste facilities. Simply place a refill (new filter bag and grid) and continue working with the system.

This video shows how it works.

Cleaning paint brushes normally is a time consuming job, this leads to painters throwing away their brushes after finishing the paint job. When researching brush cleaning methods we also found out that many painters (professional and consumer) still clean their water based paint brushes under a running tap. Despite what people commonly think, it is not good for the environment when water based paint brushes are cleansed under a running a tap. Ron van der Oost, toxicologist of Waternet (Institute of Water Cycle Management) puts it like this: “It is always better to prevent the discharge of chemicals into the sewage system, in order to protect the quality of our surface waters. If discharged in high amounts, chemicals that are commonly used in water based paints, might have adverse effects on sewage treatment and water ecology. Bisfenol A, for instance, has a reputation of having hormone disrupting effects. Many additives, like glycols and glycoacetates are reported to be toxic to water animals, and anti-fungal biocides can be toxic to micro organisms in the waste water treatment plants”. Because water based paints easily dissolve in water, the chemicals effect a large amount of water. In other words: one should never clean paint brushes under a running tap!

With a price that is lower than that of one good paint brush, this system will save professional painters a fortune and the planet a lot of unnecessary damage.

Professional painters from all over Europe are happily using Clean and Go.


Clean and Go saves time, saves brushes and saves the environment.

More information and ordering

If you want to learn more about Clean and Go, you can send me an email through the contact page. Or go directly to the page of Go!Paint explaining all there is to know about Clean and Go and local availability. Click here.

Skills: product development