Do you want to turn your good ideas or ambitions into tangible products, packaging and services that are good and profitable? Design for Good can help you with your developments by offering you:

  • ideation
  • design consultancy
  • product development
  • innovation coaching
  • social business modeling
  • licensing support


Design For Good is always a fresh resource of creativity and inspiration. Jop Timmers is a regular guest speaker at events.

You can also follow the sustainable development process (RE-act) that Jop has set up, consisting of 7 easy stepping stones: Rethink, Refocus, Reconnect, Redesign, Reproduce, Retell and finally Retail.

“Start turning your corporate social responsibility principles into tangible products that strengthen your core business.”


RE-Act process

The RE-Act process is developed by Jop to give sustainable development a proper place in a company’s core business. It will help you to turn your Corporate Social Responsibility principles into tangible results within a short period of time. It is a coaching process that may need involvement of experts in various fields. Within the wide network of Design for Good all expertise is represented.

The process consists of 7 hands-on phases that are ideally carried out successively, but can also be carried out as stand alone projects.

In the Rethink phase we (the team, so you too) sit down and analyse your core business and where it comes from, we take a close look at your range of products and services, movements and trends in the market, your identity and your aspired identity. We go through the aspects of your products that may have a negative impact on the planet, like production processes, material use, distribution, actual use and finally disposal of the product. We categorize the pros and cons of current choices and identify several responsible routes for growth and change. The main questions are : What happens if we change nothing? Do we really offer what is needed and do we really need what is offered? Will this be so in 10 years from now? What should we change?

Then we Refocus on what would be a sensible and most desired direction to head to in the long term. We determine what could be the long term goal for the company and/or its product range when it comes to social and sustainable responsibility. The end goal is ambitious, but realistic.The main questions are: How do we do business in 10 years from now? How is our success related to the earth and its inhabitants? What is the long-term goal of what we are starting today? What will we change?

We Reconnect with any new or old suppliers that we need to involve to make a proper change for good in the entire supply chain and we invite them to co-create with us and work on our shared goals. By doing so we increase the chance to be successful by tenfold, also we increase the impact of the innovation and we significantly decrease the time to market!

With our newly formed or strengthened supply we Redesign the (first) product (or packaging or service) that we intend to offer to the market. It is smart to have the supply chain on board when doing so, not only because of they will probably need to produce it, deliver parts or sell the product, but also because their input will give us insights that may be vital for the success of the project. The new design is fit to attract the target user group, perform its tasks and to have an impact that is all but zero, or better: positive!

When the new design is completed and tested with prototypes we can start to Reproduce it, first in a small batch, later in large series. The manufacturing partner will be challenged to make sure the production process is as clean and green as possible. We will look for and define ways to reuse any waste materials during production, during and after use.

With the marketing specialists we make sure that everybody can Retell the true story of the innovation, by keeping messages easy to understand and honest. This is not as hard as it sounds, a good and honest story is much easier to retell than an engineered one.

Any material that will support the (message of the) new product, packaging or service in Retail are developed, like displays, brochures, movies and interactive media. Now it is ready to hit the market. We launch and celebrate together!

Tomorrow's needs : Sustainable Innovation