Dear Mr Albert Heijn. . .

Yesterday I wanted to throw away an empty packaging of tissues, bought at Albert Heijn (no.1 supermarket chain in the Netherlands, known for a good sustainability strategy). As it is made of single-ply cardboard, I flattened it to put in the paper bin. Then my eye was caught by something shiny. I tore the packaging […]

The tissue box of Albert Heijn has a large plastic foil glued to the inside of the box to cover the tiny window.

Sustainable gifts, where to get them?

Where can I buy sustainable gifts?This is a question that I often hear, especially in December. Of course you can check a high quality toy shop where you can buy responsible gifts for the kids. But here are some green alternatives, that may help you find the perfect gift for the ones you love. Probably […]

Another tree being planted in the CoolTravelForest by Anouk Pappers

Building an Eco-Toilet and Library in Palomino, Colombia

Students from University Javeriana directed by Christiaan Job Nieman, Carlos Hernandez, Cesar Ramirez and Antonio Yemail. Zuloark, Spain are Building a Society in Palomino, Guajira in Colombia. They just finished building a library and eco-toilet with local materials only. A new project has been built as part of the course “New Territories” for architecture and […]

Eco Toilet built in Palomino, Colombia

Decreasing child mortality with design : The Information Blanket

Wanting to do something good and reduce the high child mortality rates in Uganda and throughout the world, advertising and design agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay New York (MBM NY) conceived a blanket that is designed to provide safety and warmth to the baby and crucial information on how to nurse a baby the first months […]

Eco blanket with crucial health information.

Biofoil home composting, foil 16. Day 93. The final.

I am testing the actual biodegradability of Lovechock’s certified home compostable biobased packaging foil in my backyard in Amsterdam. This is the last foil I take out of the compost barrel. Day 93, foil 16 Wow! This foil is hidden well, way down in the compost. With a lot of effort I manage to get […]

homecomposting biofoils experiment part 8