Jop’s Week in Tweets 3

And again I found so much interesting candy on the web. Here are my favourite tweets of the last two weeks.   Sustainable Innovation There were some brilliant posts out there, this one is incredible, make sure you see the entire video: Insane! best #RCA project ever?  – 3D Printing With Just Sun And Sand […]

RCA project

Jop’s Week in Tweets 2

So many interesting developments this week! In case you missed my Tweets,  here are the ones that I believe are most interesting to you… Sustainable Innovation Any sustainable news coming from the automotive industry was mainly about electric vehicles. Here is some good news about fuel cells development. Presented in a very attractive and innotive […]

Zero emissions fuel cell introduced with 'invisible' Mercedes

Zenzr, a very clever public lighting management system.

Zenzr is a public lighting platform that manages the intensity of streetlights dynamically, significantly reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and light pollution when demand is low. And it can do a lot more… In the public area, lighting provides safety and comfort. Public lighting is everywhere and energy consumed by it is the single largest […]

Zenzr public light management

Holy Crap! Smelly business…

Transforming waste into resource. Non profit organisation SOIL is turning human waste into fertile soil in Haiti. The project has many positive effects. People can use clean, good looking toilets, the amount of waste is substantially reduced, valuable fertile soil is created, better and more food can be produced. When production increases, Haiti may even […]

Human Waste into fertilizer

Jop’s Week in Tweets 1

In case you missed my Tweets of last week,  here are the ones that I guess are most interesting to you…   Sustainable innovation When visiting the Green Metropole kick-off session in Amsterdam, I heard many interesting people saying interesting things: Carolien Gehrels from the city of Amsterdam: I want #Amsterdam to be the sustainability […]