Promising Pyrolysis: From Waste back to Oil

How can we reduce waste and make oil at the same time? Here is an introduction to a promising technology that may solve both problems by turning waste into oil: Pyrolysis. Recently Daniel Beltrá, a conservation photographer, exhibited his latest work at Roca’s Gallery in Barcelona (Madrid and Chicago are next). It consists of some beautiful […]

Oil in the Gulf of Mexico

Bringing production back home. Sense and simplicity…

It excited me to learn that Philips is bringing back some of its production from China to Drachten, the Netherlands. Not because I don’t wish the people in the Far East to have a prosperous economy, because I really do and luckily they have. But because it troubled me to see production facilities moving further […]

Design for Good in Lovechock YouTube movie

The reality check project by Design for Good of the home compostability of the certified biodegradable packaging foil of Lovechock is now captured in a 1 minute 42 seconds YouTube movie. The degradation of the foil is visualized very well. Check it out! BKX7Z225NHAJ

filmpje over composteren biofolie Lovechock

Color trends 2012 and 2013 – natural is hot

What are the trending colors for 2012? Looking at the color trend reports for 2012 it becomes crystal clear to me that sustainability has entered a new stadium of acceptance by the broader public. Natural colors are the bomb in 2012! The best examples can be found in the trending colors for the automotive industry. After […]

Lotus Evora Hybrid in trendy brownish red color.

Sustainable housing: Villa 4.0

Turning a 1967 bungalow into a modern, highly sustainable villa. Interior Designer Sanne Schenk of IDing showed me this great example of sustainable architecture: Villa 4.0 Background The owner of the building got inspired by natural living when he was making a world trip with his family on a sailing boat. Making electricity and drinking […]

Villa 4.0 A bird's view on the building.