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Zenzr, a very clever public lighting management system.

Zenzr is a public lighting platform that manages the intensity of streetlights dynamically, significantly reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and light pollution when demand is low. And it can do a lot more… In the public area, lighting provides safety and comfort. Public lighting is everywhere and energy consumed by it is the single largest […]

Zenzr public light management

Sustainable housing: Villa 4.0

Turning a 1967 bungalow into a modern, highly sustainable villa. Interior Designer Sanne Schenk of IDing showed me this great example of sustainable architecture: Villa 4.0 Background The owner of the building got inspired by natural living when he was making a world trip with his family on a sailing boat. Making electricity and drinking […]

Villa 4.0 A bird's view on the building.

Sustainable gifts, where to get them?

Where can I buy sustainable gifts? This is a question that I often hear, especially in December. Of course you can check a high quality toy shop where you can buy responsible gifts for the kids. But here are some green alternatives, that may help you find the perfect gift for the ones you love. […]

Another tree being planted in the CoolTravelForest by Anouk Pappers

Lighting at (almost) no costs or energy.

The video belowshows how one bright idea can light up the interior of any dark hut during the daytime without using any electricity and at no significant initial costs. This is design for good in ultima forma! The project is carried out by My Shelter Foundation and is called A Liter of Light (Isang Litrong Liwanag). […]

Plastic bottle light