Looking at what is needed tomorrow and what is possible today, Design for Good develops innovative yet realistic products, ideas and concepts that reconnect businesses to their core competence: solving problems for the end-user. The ‘other’ goal is that the success of these innovations does not harm the earth or its inhabitants and instead creates a substantial value for both the end-user and the entire production chain.

Involving end-users in an early stage, using co-creation and open innovation, carefully selecting responsible material suppliers and/or partnering with fair production facilities and trade organizations, help a lot to realize both goals.

Creative map for workshop Tipping Point

Tipping Point Workshop Electric Vehicles

A manifesto to support electric vehicles. Project : Tipping Point Workshop For : Professional Passionates Role ...

Sustainable solutions for Coca-Cola drinking cup

Sustainable Coca-Cola disposable drinking cup proposition

A research study for the situation in Amsterdam ArenA stadium Project : Sustainable Coca-Cola ...

Nano30 High Efficiency Boiler

A recognizable housing for the world's smallest HE boiler. Project : Nano30 High Efficiency ...

great looking cleaning cart for Asito

TASC Cleaning Cart

Cleaning cart = visiting card Project : TASC Cleaning Cart For : Asito Role : Industrial Design Engineer, Project Leader At : Fontis Ontwerpers (now ...