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Biofoil home composting, foil 1-4. Day 1-19. First results.

I’m checking the home compostability of Lovechock’s celluloid based packaging foil in my own backyard in Amsterdam. The foil is made by Innovia Films. 20 Lovechock foils are carefully placed inside my compost barrel. The chocolate I ate… wow it’s good! For comparison I have also placed a foil made of biobased plastic PLA (polylactic acid). I know […]

Checking the home compostability of celluloid based packaging foils.

Biofoil home composting, part 1. Announcement.

Jop Timmers (Design for Good) verifies the certified compostability of Lovechock’s packaging. The celluloid based foil that is certified home compostable is tested in his back yard in Amsterdam. The celluloid based foil is made by Innovia Films. The following weeks we will see if and how the foil degrades… Read more about setting up a home […]

Design for Good tests the certified home biodegradability of Lovechock foils

Upcycling paper into new wood : Newspaperwood

Sometimes you need to see something twice before you really see it. This happened to me when I was in my favourite concept store Friday Next, in Amsterdam the other day.   At first I saw a nice little cupboard by Breg Hansen, it had nice wooden planks with a rather specific type of wood […]

Wood made out of newspapers