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Why crowdsourcing can be a bad idea…

How can you get most designs for the lowest costs? Do crowdsourcing! Go to or to or maybe even better start a design competition and invite as many designers as possible. Surely this will get you truckloads of ideas and designs, right? Welll, will it? This video of TopicSimple explains the downsides and risks of […]

Crowdsourcing image by TopicSimple

Dear Mr Albert Heijn. . .

Yesterday I wanted to throw away an empty packaging of tissues, bought at Albert Heijn (no.1 supermarket chain in the Netherlands, known for a good sustainability strategy). As it is made of single-ply cardboard, I flattened it to put in the paper bin. Then my eye was caught by something shiny. I tore the packaging […]

The tissue box of Albert Heijn has a large plastic foil glued to the inside of the box to cover the tiny window.

Phone Story, the dark side of iPhone’s success

This item is all about unsustainable innovation. Shocking, incredible and disappointing! This is what I thought when I first heard about Apple not being responsible when it comes to the production of its beautiful products. Now Molleindustria has released an educational game for smartphones that represents a troubling worldwide supply chain. The game consists of 4 […]

iPhone not sustainable?