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Building an Eco-Toilet and Library in Palomino, Colombia

Students from University Javeriana directed by Christiaan Job Nieman, Carlos Hernandez, Cesar Ramirez and Antonio Yemail. Zuloark, Spain are Building a Society in Palomino, Guajira in Colombia. They just finished building a library and eco-toilet with local materials only. A new project has been built as part of the course “New Territories” for architecture and […]

Eco Toilet built in Palomino, Colombia

Phone Story, the dark side of iPhone’s success

This item is all about unsustainable innovation. Shocking, incredible and disappointing! This is what I thought when I first heard about Apple not being responsible when it comes to the production of its beautiful products. Now Molleindustria has released an educational game for smartphones that represents a troubling worldwide supply chain. The game consists of 4 […]

iPhone not sustainable?

Lighting at (almost) no costs or energy.

The video belowshows how one bright idea can light up the interior of any dark hut during the daytime without using any electricity and at no significant initial costs. This is design for good in ultima forma! The project is carried out by My Shelter Foundation and is called A Liter of Light (Isang Litrong Liwanag). […]

Plastic bottle light

Building $300 houses in developing countries

As housing is one of the most important necessities and still unavailabe for many, Jovoto, a website for mass collaboration wrote out a contest to come up with innovative designs to build houses that cost under $300 and can be built in a sustainable way. The contest is sponsored by Ingersoll Rand. Out of many […]

$300 dollar housing contest