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It’s been a while, I have been busy working on some great projects that I will soon publish on the website. But I never stopped looking for the latest on innovation and sustainability, and here are some of the most popular links I shared on Twitter:


About innovation and product design

We live in a magnicifent era: The Digital Industrial Revolution:

Dezeen ” Blog Archive ” Technology and Design: the digital industrial revolution

Digital manufacturing and open-source design are revolutionising the way designers make their products, reports Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs in this latest article from our series on technology and design supported by computing brand Intel. Designers weren’t the stars of the Milan furniture fair this year, and nor was the furniture.

Slow manufacturing, the new trend?:

Nilufar by Nendo – Designitecture

slowly working his way through many layers of paper

Yet another product presented at the 2012 Milan Design Week, Nilufar by Nendo is a collection of lacquered-paper objects that are pasted by a 3D printer. Designer: NendoImages: © NendoMaterial: sheets of paper and lacquerCheck also: 1% Products and Kandenchi The Nilufar set of tiny boxes come in several dimensions so that each one of the objects can hold different items inside.

No screws, no glue, but great furniture:

Dezeen ” Blog Archive ” Stack by Konstantin Achkov

Stack by Konstantin Achkov

Product designer Konstantin Achkov has created a range of flat-pack furniture that slots together like a puzzle. Called Stack, the pieces are assembled without glue, screws or other fixings. The collection so far includes a round table, bar stool, chair and armchair. Each one is made of 18mm-thick beech plywood, cut with a computer-controlled router.

Very useful, especially for a small home and welcome guests:

Dezeen ” Blog Archive ” As If From Nowhere by Orla Reynolds

Brightly coloured tables and chairs are hidden in plain sight between the shelves of this bookcase by graduate designer Orla Reynolds. The white bookcase comprises independent units of two or four squares, each holding a chair or table in its sides.

In Dutch, but great news from Amsterdam:

Amsterdammers wereldleider met vierde generatie biobrandstof | Duurzaam Bedrijfsleven

Amsterdammers smeden nieuwe generatie biobrandstof Ontelbare bacteriën kleuren meterslange buizen groen. De kleine beestjes van het Amsterdamse Photanol beloven een ware innovatie op het gebied van biobrandstoffen en -plastics. Biobrandstof. Bij het horen van de term verschijnt er een frons op het voorhoofd van Klaas Hellingwerf, professor in microbiologie en tevens een van de grondleggers van het project.

No way! Solar cells that perform best… underwater!:

Solar Cells Charge Robots Underwater : Discovery News

The ocean is a vast and mysterious place full of untapped energy potential. Huge machines have been built already to harness the power of waves and tides and groups are investigating the possibility of floating wind turbines. The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory is exploring another source: underwater sunlight.

Fantastic new tool for Industrial Designers: Mixed Reality:

Canon Announces Mixed Reality System for Industrial Design Teams – Core77

Posted by hipstomp | 20 Jun 2012 |Comments (0) Earlier this week, Canon announced they’ve created a visualizing tool targeted specifically towards industrial designers: the Canon Mixed Reality System. It consists of a series of headsets worn by the design team, all linked to a processing unit.

About sustainability and people

Now here is a positive thing of melting ice caps, I think… :

Arctic Phytoplankton Boom: Every Seagoing Creature Will be Affected

Centuries-old feeding patterns of migrating animals could be in jeopardy, say NASA scientists

Who said the Chinese only care for money? 57% of Chinese Prioritize Environment Over Economy:

Majority of Chinese Prioritize Environment Over Economy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fifty-seven percent of Chinese adults surveyed in 2011 — before the country’s economic slowdown grabbed headlines — prioritized protecting the environment, even at the risk of curbing economic growth. About one in five believed economic growth is more important.

More inspiration:

Iran creates the largest sand carpet on the shores of Persian Gulf

Iran creates the largest sand carpet on the shores of Persian Gulf

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Jop is the founder of Design for Good, experienced product designer, innovation manager, author, sustainability expert, was trained as a C2C design consultant in 2009 and was a part time product design teacher for 9 years. He is passionate about sustainable and social innovation.

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