Jop’s Week in Tweets 1

In case you missed my Tweets of last week,  here are the ones that I guess are most interesting to you…


Sustainable innovation

When visiting the Green Metropole kick-off session in Amsterdam, I heard many interesting people saying interesting things:

Carolien Gehrels from the city of Amsterdam: I want #Amsterdam to be the sustainability lab of the world. #sustainable #greenmetropole

Andre Veneman from #Akzo , at #greenmetropole : There is no alternative to sustainable growth.

Joris Bouwens at #greenmetropole : Households use 50% of energy for heating, offices for cooling… Match? #innovation

Prices of wind turbines drop 25% in 3 years… via @AddThis



Inspiration for all (packaging) designers and everyone who likes design : 30 Bizarre and Creative Packaging Design Examples – You The Designer… #packaging#design



“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker


My own work

Last week we started a new leadership course:

Today @KarinJironet and I kicked-off the extraordinary leadership course Tomorrow’s World : Next #twnext of @deBaak

And I was really busy making new sustainable designs, quotes and working on ongoing project, but I also made some time free for learning:

I may have to cancel this afternoon’s course in Time Management because I am too busy. Better not 😉 #entrepeneurship


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Written by Jop Timmers

Jop is the founder of Design for Good, experienced product designer, innovation manager, author, sustainability expert, was trained as a C2C design consultant in 2009 and was a part time product design teacher for 9 years. He is passionate about sustainable and social innovation.

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