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Marie Stella Maris liter bottles

Marie Stella Maris’ sustainable bottle

Locally bottled mineral water, sustainably packaged. Project : Material and packaging advice. For : Marie-Stella-Maris Role : Sustainable design consultant Marie Stella Maris bottled, made from 50% ...

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Household products key to innovation successes in BOP

Designing and selling products for consumers at the bottom of the pyramid has many challenges. Besides the severe affordability constraints, innovations need to be appropriate for the target markets. Basing solutions and technologies around household items can be one method [..]

Thai Glass House – clever solutions from Thailand, part 3

In areas where resources are low and technology is scarce, people are often more resourceful than in highly industrialized and ‘developed’ areas. We can learn a lot from these low-cost, simple, effective and often very sustainable solutions. In Europe most [..]

More on Palomino

Remember that small village at the coast of Colombia where students and inhabitants are working together to create a better future by making sustainable buildings, researching, documenting and sharing old habits and customs to prevent them from being lost forever [..]